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My 2017 Summer Reading List

With spring warming up, Emily and I are even more excited to get outside and enjoy another beautiful summer on the North Shore. Many of us use this time to relax and unwind through extended vacations and quality time with family. For me, picking up a good book is the...

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5 Questions With Author…Gerry Stewart

“5 Questions With…” is a new series that shines a spotlight on talented authors and what motivates them to create. The series will highlight authors who are inspired by the film industry and focusing on adapting their work for the silver screen. Gerry Stewart is author of the Credible Justice series.

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The Apology Movie: Recap

With the Sundance Film Festival well underway in beautiful Park City, Utah, the dream of turning The Apology into a feature film has been top of mind for my muse, Emily, and I.

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The Apology Book Signing Raises Over $2,600 for Disabled Veterans

Supporting our veterans has always been incredibly important to me. In addition to my deep respect for those who serve our country, researching and writing The Apology has introduced me to so many different perspectives on the ways in which the Vietnam War impacted cultures and individuals around the world.
With the help of my muse, Emily, and our good friends, Steve and Trisha Castraberti, owners of Prince Pizzeria in Saugus, MA,

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Join Me for The Apology Book Signing at Prince Pizzeria

Christian’s experience as a veteran is an intricate part of his character while in Vietnam with Nachi and Hai. With Veterans Day this week, I’m teaming up with my friends, Steve and Trisha Castraberti, for a book signing fundraiser on November 10th from 6:00PM – 9:00PM at their restaurant, Prince Pizzeria, in Saugus. The proceeds from each book bought now and through the end of Veterans Day on November 11th will be matched by myself and Emily, up to $1,000. We are already more than halfway to this goal!
All funds raised will benefit local disabled veterans through the Massachusetts Elks Association in support of the Disabled Veterans Service Committee.

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Exploring the Rise of the Book Trailer – Medium

As an advertising executive, video has always fascinated me. For decades it’s been a shrewd marketing format that I’ve seen change drastically during my work in the field and now as author of The Apology. I’ve connected with video content as a consumer and have seen...

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‘Ah-ha’ moment

I call it the ‘Ah-ha’ moment – that moment when things come together and you think you might have a story on your hands. I’d been writing a crime/adventure story for years. My protagonist was Aiden – a man mixed up with murder, mafia and deception. Sounds good, right? It was, but the only problem was that around page 30 everything dried up.

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Geoffrey Wells is author of Atone for the Ivory Cloud. To learn more, visit

Eric Haggman with sculpture by French artist, Xavier Veilhan

Putting pen to paper. The author shown with sculpture by French artist, Xavier Veilhan.

Hotel Metropole Hanoi in Vietnam

The incomparable Hotel Metropole Hanoi in Vietnam where The Apology begins.