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The Apology – A Political Thriller First Book by Eric Haggman
A corrupt government, a manipulated press, a powerful creative arm
and a terrible secret could decide the fate of a country.

The Apology – out now on Amazon

BOSTON (June 2, 2016) – Filmmaker Christian Lindstrom returns to Vietnam to shoot tourism commercials, only to confront the agony of his past and the power of the Asian underworld to control political events—including the creation and the whitewashing of Japan’s history itself. For producer Nachi Tanaka, it is the story of the shameful sins of the father coming back to hurt and haunt her family generations later. For the Japanese government, it is a coup d’état engineered by powerful business interests with the Japanese mafia—the yakuza—doing their murderous bidding.

The Apology is author Eric Haggman’s first book which he scrupulously researched during two month-long trips to Asia—visiting Vietnam and Japan. The Apology was inspired by these world travels, Haggman’s passion for political conspiracy theories and in particular the inner workings of the criminal underworld, as well as thrillers by his favorite writers including James Lee Burke, Stieg Larsson and James Patterson. While researching The Apology, Haggman even met and interviewed a yakuza member to better understand this incredibly powerful mafia group openly operating in Japan today.

The result is a fast-paced, desperate race against time thriller that pits Haggman’s protagonist—Christian Lindstrom—against forces so powerful that they’ll stop at nothing to get what they want. Haggman says, “My son, Matt Haggman, was an award-winning reporter at the Miami Herald and the stories he told me about the rampant fraud, betrayals and criminal underpinnings operating in the U.S. sparked an idea in me. While The Apology takes place in Asia, the plot threat of corruption could very much be the same anywhere in the world.”

Haggman also shares professional interests with Christian Lindstrom. He is the CEO and Creative Director of Haggman Advertising, which he founded. His work has been cited for excellence over 200 times by nearly every major advertising award show in the country. Haggman drew on his own experiences in advertising and making commercials to create film producer Lindstrom—a character who is incredibly compelling, believable and sympathetic.

Haggman also used his ad background along with his wife, business partner and muse Emily Haggman, to craft a sophisticated social media launch for The Apology exchanging his entrepreneur hat for that of ‘authorpreneur’. Haggman said, “Today authors can create audiences and interact and engage with them in ways that were never before possible. Amazon’s CreateSpace is the ‘new voice of publishing’ in that it is giving writers a platform to share their ideas and words in much the same way that The Voice is giving singers a platform to showcase their talent and voice in a way that wasn’t possible. I can’t think of a more exciting time in which to be a writer.”

A Milwaukee, Wisconsin native, Eric graduated from Colgate University. He lives on the North Shore of Boston, with his wife, Emily and their Ragdoll cat, Shanghai, who thinks he’s a dog.

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