A B O U T  T H I S  B O O K : Filmmaker Christian Lindstrom returns to Vietnam to shoot tourism commercials, only to confront the agony of his past there and the power of the Asian underworld to control political events, including the creation and the whitewashing of Japan’s history itself.

For producer Nachi Tanaka, it is the story of the shameful sins of the fathers coming back to hurt and haunt her family generations later.

For the Japanese government, it is a coup d’état engineered by powerful business interests with the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza, doing their murderous bidding.


In THE APOLOGY, after a series of vicious murders in Vietnam, the killers are pursued to the very heart of Japan.

Many thanks to Yoshie who helped create this map and plot out our journey at our starting point Tokyo!


Author Eric Haggman’s first novel, THE APOLOGY, is set amidst Yakuza gangs and the beauty of Japan. Its lead character, Christian Lindstrom, is a filmmaker of luxury tourism commercials caught in a world of murder, intrigue and that of the haunting past combusting with the present.


Japan’s high speed bullet trains, also known as Shinkansen trains, offer visitors an experience like no other with speeds reaching up to 320 km/hr! The main Shinkansen lines with bullet trains include Tokaido, Sanyo, Tohoku, Joetsu, Nagano and Kyushu.

The Intrigue Begins

First time back in Vietnam since his devastating experience as a US soldier in the Vietnam War, filmmaker Christian Lindstrom sits in the elegant lobby of the Metropole Hotel in Hanoi. There to shoot luxury tourism commercials for Japan’s leading advertising agency, he’s joined by tour guide and translator, Hai, and the very sexy, Nachi, a Japanese-Vietnamese producer with whom he had a torrid fling with during a past shoot.


The Apology is Author Eric Haggman’s first book, inspired by his own world travels, passion for history, and thriller novels by his heroes James Patterson and Michael Connelly, among others. When not traveling throughout Asia and South Africa shooting videos and gathering research for his writing, Eric is the CEO and Creative Director of Haggman Advertising, which he founded. His work has been cited for excellence over 200 times by nearly every major advertising award show in the country.
A Milwaukee, Wisconsin, native, Eric graduated from Colgate University. He lives on the North Shore of Boston, inches from the Atlantic, with his muse and wife, Emily, and Shanghai, the Yakuza Kitty.

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