“Overall, these qualities add up to a thrilling, fully immersive, and cinematic reading experience.” – Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus Reviews, a trusted voice in the publishing industry for almost 80 years, recently highlighted The Apology for its thrilling, cinematic feel further establishing the novel’s path to being turned into a feature film.

The review follows numerous mentions to The Apology’s movie-like style including from Joann McKenzie of the Gloucester Daily Times who said, “When the action moves cinematically from Vietnam to Japan’s neon-lit urban landscape, film buffs might also see in ‘The Apology’ a cross between Sophia Cappola’s Tokyo-centric ‘Lost in Translation,’ and the Osaka gangster-scape of Ridley Scott’s 1989 thriller, ‘Black Rain.”

Kirkus Reviews compliments The Apology as, “An impressive novel, brimming with action and history, with a lead character that has enough swagger for future adventures.” Check out what else Kirkus had to say on the Kirkus Reviews website.