5.0 out of 5 stars
By Amazon Customer

I read The Apology on our pilgrimage to Montana to see the grandkids and dogs and kids and mountains. Having written four books I have an idea of what it takes to publish. Congratulations and “Well done good and faithful servant.” The suspense grew as the pages turned. I could not put it down, but the plane landed and they said we had to get off.

Your character development is very appealing and drew me in. I love that you did not make this a torrid love/sex book, which it could have been. Now my Christian sons can read it too. It seemed as if you were the character “Christian”? I know you spent time there. Were you in Viet Nam in the War? By the way, I had orders to go as a Forward Area Observer, average live expectancy less than 30 days. My brother was there so then (1971) Sen. Proxmire called the Pentagon and had my orders rescinded. I am curious about the Mafia, I guess it is everywhere? I know my brother did not like the Viet Nam cuisine, but he was not eating like the book characters including nice wine. I was impressed with the detectives, who had lots of integrity, at least Bao. Your descriptions were important to “beam” the reader into the fray. By the way, I found no typos, so I am impressed with your editor as I have a great one named Diane if you ever need one. I do like to see the good guys win, even tough evil continues to corrupt our morally bankrupt world.
I have not yet written fiction and am interested to try, but don’t have a story line yet. I have been thinking of a devote Christian trying and sometimes failing to live in this crazy culture. Grace and Peace to you brother and keep writing.