5.0 out of 5 stars
By JPLovebooks

Turn off your phone and find a comfortable chair because once you start reading The Apology you won’t want to stop. To say too much about the plot would be to spoil it — suffice to say that there are lots of twists and turns as protagonist Christian Lindstrom struggles with corrupt governments, the deadly Yakuza (aka Japanese mafia) and people who are not what they seem or what they say. Christian has his own demons to deal with when he returns to Vietnam to make a tourism commercial but the stakes get ratcheted up exponentially when he becomes part of a twisted plot involving love interest Nachi Tanaka. I’ve never been to Japan or Vietnam but the author brought them to life — the sights, smells and people so I felt like I had. He’s obviously researched the people, places and history prodigiously but writes of them with a deft hand so it’s all woven in tightly and never detracts from a breathless plot that holds you spellbound.